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Couvent de M (Red chateau)

A distinguished Wine originated from an exceptional soil. Couvent de M is a perfect expression of the richness of the vineyard of Jdeidet Marjeyoun where it has originated. The know-how of the wine-makers and the special mixture of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot has provided its distinguished and fine characteristic.
Ruby dress with intensive reflections, Couvent de M reflects its round texture and elegance which forms a good equilibrium with the vivacity of the wine

Grapes Composition: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

Food Pairing: red meat, game, and fromage affine and cold cuts (Charcuteries)

Wine tasting notes: It is a deep red ruby dress with intensive highlights and reflections, it reflects its round texture and elegance with many detectable aroma of black fruits and oak, rich after taste, when sipped in the mouth its suave gives a feel of smoothness for its well-rounded and delicate tannins, it is an excellently aged wine.
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Le Vin Du Marje Rouge (red) – 2016

Deep, classy and rooted – le vin du Marje wine is a generous fruity full body wine – It is a delicate mixture of cabernet sauvignon and Syrah grapes. A lively body that abounds all flavors of the south – where it belongs and holds the equilibrium of both fluttering and balanced spirits that connects heaven to earth. This wine senses its soil due to its authentic and fresh pressure and integrated tissues that reveal the character of this vineyard.

Food Pairing: Meat and Cheese

Wine tasting notes: In appearance the Vin du Marje red has a clearly appropriate red color, brilliant, with no off colors, taste wise it has complex with many detectable aroma : when smelling it you smell the red fruits i.e. raspberries and ripe fruits, its body has a perfect texture and feel in the mouth, it has a  good balance in taste and has a smooth and rich after taste, its tannins are well rounded silky and rich  with  no acidity; so in general it is a very nice red wine.
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Le Rouge 2013 (Red) – Limited Release

Distinguished wine from exceptional vineyards, Le Rouge du Marje is an interesting impression of the richness of the terroir of Jdeidet Marjeyoun. Originated from a selection of fertile vines, this wine is aged for 12 months in oak barrels.
The particular blend of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot fuses harmoniously the fruity and elegant aromas, and gives this wine its distinctive red color with intense and fresh reflections.

Grapes Composition: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot.

Food Pairing: Beef, duck breast and special cheese of character.

Wine tasting notes: Nose is very elegant, alcohol linger in a smooth way, inviting, the merlot is definitely the star in this blend, and it’s allowed to shine. it is the front in a charming trio, where the Caberbet Sauvignon and Syrah do a beautiful job as backup singers. In the mouth, we have a fresh flavor and a rounded tannin structure.
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Le Vin Du Marje Rose (Rose)

Finesse, fresh, flexible, the Rose of the Vin du Marje, is characterized by its remarkable liveliness and tenderness – its touch softens the mouth with its fruity sensation. The Peculiarity of this wine comes from its region – It smells its soil from the south of Lebanon which offers a soft Mediterranean climate. Elaborated by the direct pressure – this wine is the direct combination of the mixture of Tempranillo and Syrah grapes

Grapes Composition: Tempranillo and Syrah

Food Pairing: Lasagna, pizza, and dishes with Italian and tomato- based sauces, barbecue griller meats and smoky dishes

Wine tasting notes: This wine is characterized by its fruity and fresh taste, Its suave, fruity, crispy and delicate palate being strong in the mouth and gives it a  remarkable vivacity.
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Le Vin Du Marje Blanc (White)

First born of the south of Lebanon. The white wine of the Vin du Marje, is an explosion of aromas resulting in a peculiar mixture of Sauvignon Blanc, viognier and Muscatel wine small grain. It offers a balanced harmony of acidity and a strong and intense flavor that is delicate at the same time. Its yellow color reflects the rays of the sun from the south of Lebanon where it originates.

Grapes Composition: Sauvignon Blanc, viognier and Muscatel wine small grain (Muscat petit grain)

Food Pairing: Salads, fruit de mer, wide varieties of seafood and shellfish, roasted drilled chicken, veal , pork , spicy flavors, Asian cuisine and even the known -salty blue cheese (Roquefort)

Tasting notes: This is one of the best wine and among the few with Muscat petit grain in its composition The nose is very expressive and reveals a superb aromatic range of flowery style that is very interesting, and is enhanced with a beautiful background. The palate confirms the elegance and finesse of the floral aromas, all integrated in a beautiful impression of sweetness.
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