Les Vignes du Marje

Les Vignes Du Marje is not just a winery; it is the culmination of a long-cherished dream that has finally come to life. We take immense pride in introducing a taste and concept that are truly different, originating from the land of stones, hearts of gold, and the meadow of springs in Jdeidet Marjeyoun, located in the captivating south of Lebanon. Our product stands as the first of its generation and the pioneer of the deep southern lands.

Nestled in the South of Lebanon, Jdeidet Marjeyoun enjoys warm and temperate climates, perfect for cultivating the fertile vineyards that give birth to our exceptional wines.

Allow us to present our nine remarkable products:

Le Vin Du Marje: This collection encompasses three exquisite varieties - Rouge, Blanc, and Rose. Our Blanc received special global recognition in Canada on Cityline TV, where the renowned public figure Renee Sferraza CMS, sommelier, and wine writer praised it as a truly exceptional Mediterranean bottle. Additionally, our Rose achieved an impressive 88% rating at Expo Dubai 2020.

Le Rouge Du Marje Red: As a limited-release wine, this bottle holds a special place in our collection. We refer to it as the ``innovative bottle`` due to its fortuitous creation. While working on Couvent De M Chateau, we accidentally combined oak-aged Syrah with Cabernet and Merlot aged in aluminum tanks. This unexpected blend resulted in an award-winning wine, earning a remarkable 9/10 rating at Vin et Folie in 2020 and recognition from Jacky Blisson MW Canada in the same year. Furthermore, it received an impressive 92 points at a blind-tasting event with APVS New York in December 2021.

Couvent De M (Red Chateau): Representing our Premier and Grand Cru, this extraordinary wine has garnered significant acclaim. It received the esteemed Patrice Frank Coup de Coeur award in October 2019, merit from Vincenzo Melia Sassicaia Wine Maker in 2020, and recognition from Houlbergs wine blog Denmark in September 2020.

Our dream extends beyond wine, encompassing the production of Arak, a special product inherited from our great ancestor, my grandfather. He utilized the same land where our winery now stands to create arak distilled four times. He was an innovator in his time, and today, we carry on his legacy. In addition to Arak, we have introduced other unique spirits, including the bathtub gin Marj-in, gluten-free vodka Marj-ka, and the renowned Limoncello Jdeida Rocks, made from the lemon trees of Marjeyoun.

At Les Vignes Du Marje, customer experience lies at the heart of our business. We have overcome significant challenges by establishing a winery and a fine dining restaurant in the deep south of Lebanon, often referred to as ``the hot zone.`` In a short period, we have welcomed over 1,000 visitors from around the world, including the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Norway, the Gulf countries, Asia, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, and many more. Many of these guests had never before visited this part of the world, and we are honored to offer them a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Moreover, we have successfully ventured into the export market, delivering our wines to three countries: UAE, Canada, and Germany, with ongoing efforts to expand to the USA and the Netherlands.

Les Vignes Du Marje Innovation goes beyond boundaries, defying expectations, and crafting an experience that transcends the ordinary. Join us in embracing the flavors of the deep south of Lebanon, where dreams transform into reality, and every sip tells a remarkable story.